What You'll Learn

You'll come away with an understanding of the key factors that make a great composition, how to combine ink and watercolor to quickly bring a scene to life, how to correct mistakes as you go, and how to draw and paint the trickier elements of a landscape, from rushing water to shifting skies.

    1. Welcome!

    2. Project Introduction

    3. Your Materials

    4. The Sketch

    5. Adding Ink

    6. Mixing Colors

    7. First Watercolor Layer

    8. Painting the Sky

    9. Adding Layers

    10. PART 2: Art Adventure!

    11. Composition From Life

    12. Sketch from Life

    13. Adding Ink & Watercolor

    14. Photographing Your Painting

    15. Final Thoughts

About this course

  • $35.00
  • 15 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content
  • Get e-mail feedback from teacher

Discover the meditative art of landscape painting

Connect to your surroundings in a deeper way by learning to paint landscapes from reference photos AND from life!

What students are saying

“This was a really wonderful class! I feel like it helped me to understand how to start a landscape drawing, using the rule of thirds and defining the focal point of the picture. I liked using the pen first and adding watercolor overtop. You also had some great tips with pen lines and adding a little tint of red to capture the viewers eye. Thank you so much, I feel like I have learned so much!!”

Shauna M.

“I highly recommend this class. Rosalie is an exceptional teacher with a fresh and encouraging style. She has laid out the lessons in a way that is enjoyable, easy to follow, and sets you up for success. You'll love this course.”

Ann Y.


  • What supplies will I need?

    You'll need a pencil, eraser, sketchbook with watercolor paper (or loose watercolor paper), a jar of water, waterproof ink-pen, a couple sizes of watercolor brushes, and a set of watercolor paints. A complete in-depth supply guide is provided with this class.

  • What level is this class appropriate for?

    This is an all-levels class. We cover the basics, but even experienced painters will learn some tips for quickly bringing a landscape watercolor sketch to life.

  • How is this class structured?

    This class has two parts: PART 1 goes over the process for creating an ink & watercolor landscape painting from a reference photo. PART 2 takes students on a plein air art adventure as we learn how to paint a landscape from life.