What You'll Learn

We'll go over how to find the right materials, take a good reference photo outdoors, create an accurate pencil sketch, use watercolor layering techniques to bring your sketch to life, add realistic textures, and paint a mushroom and fern!

    1. Welcome!

    2. Gathering Your Materials

    3. Taking Your Reference Photo

    4. The Pencil Sketch

    5. Preparing Your Palette

    6. Color Swatch Exercise

    7. Starting Your Mushroom Painting

    8. Layering Watercolor

    9. Adding a Background

    10. Creating Texture

    11. Refining Your Painting

    12. BONUS LESSON: Paint a fern!

    13. Final Thoughts

About this course

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  • 13 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content
  • Get e-mail feedback from teacher

Slow down & paint what you see

Learn some versatile watercolor skills & take your appreciation for nature to the next level

What students are saying

This class has been taken by over 32,000 students on Skillshare!

“This was my first class with Rosalie Haizlett and I was immediately in awe. The cinematography of this is so beautiful. And for this class, seeing the beauty in her world and how she approaches the outdoors was immediately inspiring. She makes watercoloring so accessible. Although she mentions higher end brands, she is so clear that it is also good to use what is available. The steps and process of creating was lovely. This class has pushed me to look more closely at photos I have taken for years and to use her techniques to transfer them to art.”

Shelley K.

“Your step-by-step painting instructions were very helpful in leading the viewer in creating a beautiful and believable combination of colours and depth. Watercolour painting can be daunting. At first glance, it appears that the details are all painstakingly and minutely painted. Your demonstration showed that a much more broad approach can result in a very interesting and multifaceted painting. I felt that you really demystified creating the details. Awesome!”

Carla S.


  • What supplies do I need for this class?

    You don't need any specific paint colors or brands for this class. You'll just need a pencil, cold-pressed watercolor paper, an eraser, 2 different sizes of watercolor brushes, a jar of water, a paper towel, and a few colors of watercolor paint (at least the primary colors!). In the class, I provide a detailed PDF handbook for watercolor supplies so you gain a better understanding of all the options that are out there.

  • Will I receive project feedback from the instructor?

    If you choose, you are encouraged to take a photo of your finished work and e-mail it to me with any specific questions that arose during the class. I will respond with one personalized feedback e-mail to help you along on your painting journey.

  • If I've already taken this class, what's the next best class for me to improve upon my watercolor skills?

    "Painting Nature with Watercolor & Gouache" is an intermediate-level class that goes over developing a more complex composition and how to incorporate gouache (opaque watercolor) into your paintings to create a really vibrant result.