What You'll Learn

I'll guide you through the complete mixed-media illustration process, from understanding differences & similarities between watercolor & gouache to creating a final painting. Suitable for beginner to intermediate levels.

    1. Welcome To My Class!

    2. Class Project

    3. Your Materials

    4. Gouache vs. Watercolor

    5. Demonstration: Tropical Leaf

    6. Creating Your Composition

    7. The Pencil Sketch

    8. Starting With Watercolor

    9. Incorporating Gouache

    10. Adding the Background

    11. Refining Your Painting

    12. Bonus: Black Paper Demonstration

    13. Final Thoughts

About this course

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  • 13 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content
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Take a relaxing adventure into mixed-media art

Expanding your palette will bring new energy & help you develop a unique painting style

What students are saying

“Rosalie is an excellent teacher! I really enjoyed the tips for not only painting with watercolor and gouache, but also the ideas for planning out a painting. I’m excited to incorporate botanicals into my wildlife paintings. I also feel like I have a better sense of when to use each medium.”

Caroline M.

“This class has helped me to better understand the difference of the properties of watercolor vs gouache. It was also very interesting and new to me to analyze the painting beforehand so that I can deliberately choose which properties of which media will help me to achieve my results. These are very useful skills I will continue working on, thank you for this class, Rosalie!”



  • What skill level is this class intended for?

    This is a more intermediate-level class that is perfect for you if you have some experience with watercolor but want to grow your skills by combining it with gouache. We also talk a lot about creating a more complex composition. A total beginner can definitely still learn from this class, but it might be more suitable for you if you've previously taken my foundational "Watercolor in the Woods" class.

  • What materials will I need?

    You'll want a watercolor paint set, a few watercolor brushes, cold-pressed watercolor paper, a pencil and eraser, a jar of water, a paper-towel, and a simple set of gouache paints. A complete supply guide is included with this class.